PROAGENT is an exclusive recruitment business with an established presence in the Asian market especially in Japan. We work with a wide range of firms from market entry to multinationals to deliver results. We are a boutique firm, which means we develop long-term value for our clients rather than simply achieving revenue targets. We believe that boutique search firms have specialized local knowledge that allows them to outperform their larger competitors.

PROAGENT has delivered results for our clients, so they trust us with exclusive Pan-Asia searches. We offer unparalleled representation for an exclusive pool of distinguished candidates. We at PROAGENT face clients and assess candidates thus streamlining the recruitment process. We are the single point of contact for clients, seamlessly managing the search process. This results in a consistent and transparent service for our clients. We are involved in international career consulting with alliance-companies from Europe and Asia; we support both domestic and foreign companies in helping them secure the best possible human resources.